What to Bring

The following is a guideline to assist with your packing:

  • No Military camouflage
  • Other camo can be worn while hunting, but not while travelling to or around Zimbabwe.
  • Ammunition: most airlines have a weight limit of 11lbs but please check with your travel agent
  • Soft gun bags for your rifles for on the hunting vehicle.
  • Power in the camp is supplied by 220v generator and therefore goes off at 10pm, there is alternative lighting in the rooms but we suggest a good torch and spare batteries as well.
  • Please bring any convertors necessary for items that require 110v power.
  • Laundry is done every day therefore 3 changes of hunting clothes should be sufficient. We suggest dark colours for hunting, dark green, brown or even blue.
  • A warm jacket for evenings and mornings as well as comfortable closed shoes for around camp.
  • Should you be bringing a CPAP machine for at night please advise us so that we may arrange a battery back up for when the generator is turned off.
  • Personal medications as it is a long way from camp to the nearest pharmacy and please be sure to notify us of any allergies.


Our power supply is by generator and is 220v, please bring necessary converters.

Additionally you will need to fill out the below form in order to carry Firearms in Zimbabwe.

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