Travel Tips

Travel to and from Zimbabwe is by air to Harare International Airport, where normal immigration and customs formalities are implemented. You are required to purchase a visa to enter Zimbabwe, and this is available at the airport on arrival for a cost of $30 per person, this is best paid in cash and we recommend you have the correct amount as change can be a problem. When you enter the immigration area there is a counter on the right hand side of the building where you will find the visa form if you do not already have one. Complete the form and then join the queue for the immigration counter on the right of the building and you will pay for and receive your visa there.

Once through immigration you will collect your luggage and firearms if you are travelling with them and you will proceed to the red route and clear your firearms and ammunition. The firearms form can be downloaded from this site and must be completed in triplicate.

Access to our concession is either a 1 hour trip by light aircraft (.206 or navajo) or a 4.5 hour road trip. In order to travel by road you need to land in Harare before 1.30pm, arrivals after this time will need to overnight in Harare.  A departure tax of $15 is payable on internal charters at Harare airport before takeoff. If you are overnighting in Harare we can arrange accommodation for you, we use several very good bed and breakfast lodges and payment can be made to them with Visa/MasterCard.

Most areas of Africa are prone to malaria; we are unfortunately, no exception. We strongly advise you to consult with your medical practitioner for an antimalarial prophylactic.

Our hunting season is mainly in our winter months. You can expect relatively mild days (around 75º) and chilly nights (around 42ºF) with the later months of September onwards warming up.

There are some wet spells, which can last a few days; a light rain jacket is a good option.


Due to the remoteness of the area we ask our clients to have medical insurance in case of an emergency. Global rescue are supported here in Zimbabwe by Ace ambulance services and if you are not already a member of Global rescue you can click on the link below and sign on for the duration of your trip. If you are a member of Global rescue already please send the details to us so that we have them on record if needed.

About Global Rescue

Global Rescue employs hundreds of personnel, including numerous military special operations veterans, in multiple locations around the world. We bring our members to safety, even if they’re far from civilization or in a dangerous environment. We have performed more than 10,000 missions, bringing members from danger or injury to safety and comfort. When a member is injured or sick, Global Rescue’s medical advisory services offer clear answers and smart advice about what to do next.

A great hunting trip shouldn’t involve stress and worry if something goes wrong. A Global Rescue membership will give you the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens, you’re getting home safely.

Global Rescue memberships start at $119, with annual memberships for only $329. Full family memberships are also available.


Global Rescue memberships include:

  • Medical evacuation services to your home country hospital of choice
  • Field Rescue services from the point of injury or illness
  • TotalCareSM – 24/7 access to board-certified physicians, clinicians and specialists from Elite Medical Group and the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations
  • Face-to-face video consultations and advice about your diagnosis
  • Prescriptions, lab work, diagnostic imaging
  • Help determining the best possible treatment options
  • Security extraction services from natural disasters, civil unrest and hostile environments
  • Integrated mobile app technology for video consultation, GPS tracking and global intelligence reports

Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance

For more than a decade, Global Rescue has provided unparalleled response and evacuation services to travelers around the world. From minor medical issues to life-threatening situations, Global Rescue’s critical services have been there when they were needed most. Travelers have trusted Global Rescue’s medical and security travel services since 2004, and now you can secure the value of your entire trip with Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance.

Global Rescue and IMG have created one of the industry’s most complete travel insurance products, integrating Global Rescue’s advisory and evacuation services with the financial protection of a comprehensive travel insurance program. Available exclusively to Global Rescue members, Signature Travel Insurance guarantees that a trip abroad is covered no matter what happens.


  • Trip cancellation insured up to $100,000
  • Trip interruption insured up to 150% of trip cost insured
  • Up to $2,500 for lost luggage/baggage delay
  • $100,000 emergency medical/dental coverage
  • $100,000 common carrier AD&D coverage
  • Up to $2,500 for sports equipment rental
  • Cancel-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost
  • Interrupt-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cos

Signature Travel Insurance policies start at just $20. We strongly recommend that you learn more about Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance by calling +1 (617) 459-4200 or visiting the website below.